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A North Brooklyn based pet care company offering Dog & Puppy Training, Board and Train services and Dog Walking.

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TheHustlePups Family

Nugget, Zack, Kelly, & Ralph

We are a North Brooklyn based boutique pet care company providing dog training, board and train programs and dog walking.  We keep our client base small so that we can spend the most one-on-one time with your pet. 

Founded by Kelly Corson, Hustle Pups NYC is an extension of her lifelong love of dogs and other animals.  Kelly has completed a specialized workshop on working with difficult dogs with Heather Beck (K9 Lifeline), finished a six-week boot camp training with Kate McCue-Schwartz (Kate's Canines) and is an associate member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). Additionally, she has taken a course with Phyllis Smuland (Canine Counselor, Inc.) & Julie Hart (Rescue Dogs Responsibly) on evaluating and reading dog behavior, as well as studied under Martin Deeley (Florida Dog Trainer) & James Hamm (Lonestar Dog Trainer) on their methods of Basic Dog Training with a focus on E-Collar work.

Kelly continues to advocate & care for our four-legged friends in a multitude of ways.  In 2005, Kelly rescued her own pup, Nugget, from Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition (BARC).  In 2011, she & her partner Zack adopted Ralph from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue with whom Kelly is a foster care provider & is currently a home visit volunteer.  Then, in December of 2019, She and Zack adopted Gilly, their mini-dachshund through Korean K9 Rescue.

We are bonded, insured and certified in Pet First Aid & CPR.  Through our personal experience we are familiar with the changing needs of aging pets, administering medication, leash reactivity and separation anxieties. 

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Nugget, Zack, Kelly, & Ralph

For more information on how HustlePups NYC can help you, please see our services page.  For references, please see our testimonials page or contact us for further references.

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What We Provide


Training Programs

Whether it's as simple as house breaking your puppy or a more intensive issues like separation anxiety or leash aggression, HustlePups NYC can help.  We offer a range of training options to help meet your pup's specific needs and challenges.  Contact us to discuss your pup's challenges and how we can help.

Planning for your puppy

  • So you're thinking of getting a puppy?  ...Now what?! You could spend countless hours googling how to prepare for a new puppy, sifting though over 34 million results, but your time would be better spent talking to a professional who can answer your questions directly and give you a plan for success. This is a 60 minute virtual session where we will discuss what to expect from a pup, what tools and toys you will need to bring the new family member into your home and how to best set them up for success. If you have yet to pick your pup we can provide consultation in choosing the right type of dog with the right temperament for a bespoke fit for your home. $150.
  • Perfect Puppy Package: This is a comprehensive puppy package spanning from before your puppy first arrives home through to age 6 months. It includes the pre-puppy consultation detailed above and 6 training session broken into 2 groups of 3. The first group of 3 sessions occurs in the first few weeks of your puppies arrival home and will help you establish and develop structure at home, address the needs of your puppy, and lay the foundation for a well rounded dog. The second group of 3 sessions occurs a few months later as your pup nears 6 months of age and builds obedience, leash manners, and other skills at a time when your pup is most receptive to learning.  $1150.

Private training session packages

These programs are designed for adult & young dogs to lay the groundwork for good dog behavior while also being tailored to you and your dogs specific issues and needs.

  • Two Session Problem Solver:  Recommended to create structure at home and establish leadership.  $425.
  • Four Session Problem Solver:  Recommended to create structure at home, establish leadership, develop & build general obedience, and establish leash manners.  $800.
  • Six Session Problem Solver: Recommended to create structure at home, establish leadership, develop & build general obedience, establish leash manners, and address some problem behaviors including leash reactivity, separation anxiety, recall, and management of aggressive behaviors.  $1150.

Board and Train Intensive Program

Like boarding school for your pup, your dog will come to the HustlePups Training Loft to stay with our pack for a consecutive four week program. In addition to walks and play sessions, both solo and with our pups, yours will have a minimum of three private training sessions per day where we will focus on general obedience as well as the specific problem areas defined in your training application. Frequent updates with videos showing their progress along with photos of them having a blast will be sent to you so that you can share in their learning and fun along the way. Between the second and third week we offer an optional scheduled time for you to come have a session with your pup at the Training Loft to see how progress is going, allow us to see you handle your pup, and of course, some time for a quick snuggle. This session isn’t mandatory, but for those who have the time we’re happy to have you!

On completion of the program we will conduct a 1.5 to 3 hour Go Home Session with you and your pup. At this session we will go over your pup's new daily schedule, our mark and reward system and how to use it, how best to walk your dog (including any leash reactivity issues), how to encourage play and confidence with your dog, any specific behavioral traits your dog may have and how to work with them, and lastly any other specific notes we may have about your pup.

Once your dog is back home the work is not over and we are still here for you. To help with the transition to the new way of living with your pup we will have two additional sessions to polish the work we’ve done together and to spot check or develop any behaviors you’d like to see. One session will take place at your home (provided you’re within the five boroughs) and the second at our Training Loft. These session must be used within 90 days of your dogs go home date. We also offer unlimited text support for the first 60 days post pickup.

This program begins at $5,125.00

  • For fearful dogs afraid of the outside we recommend a minimum of 5 weeks
  • Additional weeks can be purchased for $1,050
  • Go home sessions outside of the NY Metro area will be substituted with a virtual session if you’re unable to travel to us.
  • We are currently taking no more than four pups per each month's program.
  • Unfortunately, we do not take in large human or dog aggressive dogs at this time but we can provide recommendations. If you're unsure, please reach out to schedule a call to determine if this is you.

*For all training programs:

  • Payment in full is required prior to booking a reservation.
  • All programs paid for by credit card will have additonal transaction fees.
  • In person training is available for North Brooklyn, Bushwick, Ridgewood and Long Island City only.
  • Two Session Problem Solver & Four Session Problem Solver packages must be used within 60 days of the first scheduled session unless otherwise specified.
  • Perfect Puppy Packages & Six Session Problem Solver packages must be used within 120 days of the first scheduled session unless otherwise specified.
  • Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled appoint will incur a $50 rescheduling fee & may be rescheduled.
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled appoint will be deemed a forfeiture of the session and session fee entirely and may be rescheduled at the discretion of HustlePups NYC only.
  • An additional 20% of the stated fee will be applied for multi-dog homes.


We offer structured overnight boarding at our facility in Greenpoint. Our structured boarding is similar to and very much a continuation and compliment of our Board & Train program. Each day consists of 2 large play sessions with toys and agility equipment, multiple pee-breaks, a midday nap, and a 30 minute pack walk. This option is available for dogs who have successfully completed our board & train program, our private training clients, and also to the public conditionally subject to a successful temperament test.

All boarding stays include:

  • Clean private crates with comfy beds & water
  • Multiple daily play groups & enrichment sessions designed to fulfill your dogs needs
  • Pee breaks and walks
  • Treadmill exercise in poor weather
  • Dog-loving professional staff
  • Nice, easy-listening music playing for a relaxing stay
  • No-fee administration of any medications and supplements as needed

What to bring:

  • Food needed while boarding
  • Any medications or supplements
  • Leash gear and collar
  • A blanket they like, and a coat if it's cold!

More info:

  • Hours of drop-off and pick-up: 8am-12pm and 4pm-8pm
  • Boarding fee is $80 per night for one dog, $140 for two dogs
  • Each boarding day constitutes a 24 hour window. Pick-up must be within that window. If not, an additional fee will be charged
  • All boarding fees must be paid prior to drop-off
  • Proof of up-to-date vaccinations are required prior to drop-off
Boarding Facilities: The Living Room
Dog Walking: Nori & Ralph

Dog Walking

If you live here, you're busy.  As New York dog owners ourselves, HustlePups NYC understands.  Does your pup need a pee break while you're away?  Do you sometimes have that late evening and need to know your pupper is ok?  We will visit your pup to take them out for a boredom busting pee break or really get them out for the exercise & mental stimulation they need. It's up to you!  Please note that we do not offer weekend walking services at this time.


Due to limited staffing, We are currently restricting new dog walking clients to northern Greenpoint at this time.

Group Walks Great for socialization!

  • $25 per half hour
  • add $10 per add'l dog (same household)
  • $40 per hour
  • add $15 per add'l dog (same household)

*For all walking programs:

  • Regular walking hours are weekdays from 10am - 4pm.
  • Off-hour walking is available at the descretion of HustlePups NYC based on staffing availability.
  • Half hour walks during off-hours are $30 per walk.
  • One hour walks during off-hours are $45 per walk.
  • All same day requests will incur an $8 fee.


Word of Mouth

What our happy customers have to say.


"My partner and I met Kelly when we were at the end of our rope with our 3 year-old Miniature Australian Shepard.  Suffering from severe anxiety (separation related), he was impossible to leave home alone without intense barking, crying, and disruption for our neighbors.  This caused us severe stress.  Kelly took him for her 2-week intensive Board & Train program, and he came back a changed dog.  Not only is he a pleasure to walk around the neighborhood, but he is comfortable enough in his crate to be left home alone with no barking or anxiety.  Kelly is no joke.  Her experience and dedication to helping us really came through in her work, and we are so beyond grateful.  HustlePups NYC has changed our lives.  THANK YOU!"

--Liz (Greenpoint)


"Kelly is an amazing dog trainer.  Taj, our Australian Shepherd, is a tough, aggressive, fearful and stubborn dude.  Kelly has helped us train him and work with him so that he is now calmer, very well behaved, obedient and overall HAPPIER!  She is also a very reliable dog walker, and offers great boarding options. We know we are leaving Taj in good, fun hands when he is with Kelly & Zack!"

--Justine (Greenpoint)


"Kelly and Zack are the best.  My dog, Fern, loves them and they've been great as we keep working on training.  They're very knowledgeable and I always feel Fern is safe and having fun with them.  As a bonus you'll get great pictures of your pup while you're at work."

--Justin (Greenpoint)


"HustlePups is the absolute best in New York for training and boarding.  Kelly trained my dog when I rescued him from Puerto Rico and he is so well behaved and wonderful thanks to her!  I also have my dog board with Hustle Pups every time I travel and I know my pup is safe and in good hands, plus I get daily updates with lots of great pics!  Kelly and Zack are so personable and helpful and really make me feel like my dog is specially cared for as if he was one of there own.  This is so hard to find in New York as many places are overcrowded daycares with exhausted staff who barely know the dogs' names.  HustlePups is a step above everything else!"

--Erin (Ridgewood)

Aldi & Penny

"It gave us such peace of mind on our travels to know that Kelly would take care of our two cats.  She was amazing, shared photos and updates, and was just a gem overall.  One cat was having a spot of bad health and Kelly gave him his meds and nursed him back to health.  She just loves animals and I recommend her petsitting services very, very highly."

--Katja (Bushwick)


"Kelly and Zack have watched my whippet, Clara, on numerous occasions.  Clara is the most important thing in the world to me, so I am very selective about who looks after her in my absence.  I am 100% confident that Clara will be well cared for and happy when under their care.  They also have two wonderful pups that are well behaved/sweet-as-sugar and will make for awesome companions for your dog.  I highly recommend her services without reservation!"

--Jessica (Williamsburg)


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International Association of Canine Professionals Certificate
Pet First Aid & CPR Certificate
Pet First Aid & CPR Certificate
Martin Deeley's International School for Dog Training Certificate
K9 Lifeline 3D Workshop Certificate